Lady Eleanor’s Fall Activity Guide

For every zodiac sign.

Lady Eleanor’s Fall Activity Guide

September 23, 2022

Whether you are looking forward to the crunch of leaves beneath your feet, hoodie weather, or a warm latte between your hands, there’s something to be enjoyed in this season of renewal for everybody. The encroaching night of autumn and winter is associated with restoration in astrology, and after the hot and busy summer we’ve just put ourselves through, we could all use a bit of rest and inner peace. Consult the list below for some ideas on how your zodiac sign can lean into this new chapter for a fresh beginning.


You love setting a new goal. Take that new script idea you’ve been waiting on and set a goal to write 5 pages each day. 


Taureans have a taste for the finer things in life. Treat yourself with the most luxurious throw blanket you can find and watch the classics for inspiration for your next project.


The social butterflies of the zodiac. Host an autumnal dinner party for your closest friends that doubles as a table read of your favorite TV episode script.


You feel most at home in your shell, so stay there! Plan a self-care day and only do the things you truly want to — like cracking into that new book about female directors that’s been waiting on your nightstand for the last month.


Leos shine brightest when they're with others. Host a spooky low budget horror movie production with your friends (you’ll take the leading role, obviously). 


Virgos thrive when all is in order. Start that production budget spreadsheet and get your sh*t together. 


You're a trend-setter. Look to the latest issues of Vogue for the costume department’s next inspiration.


Spooky season was made for you! Take all that emotion and depth and channel it into your actors, help them connect with the scene.


Get outside, visit a pumpkin patch, and fulfill your need to explore! Just remember to keep a list for the location scout.


Capricorns are never caught slipping, so take some time to check in on other creatives and see how they’re doing, you never know who could need a helping hand on set. 


Aquarians never do what people expect. Try that experimental new lighting technique you’ve been learning about with the gaffers. 


The most sensitive and creative of the bunch. Put on your favorite sweater weather album and use it as fuel for your next story. You of all people know inspiration can come from anywhere.