Up, Up, and Away

Currently on airplane mode, be right back.

Up, Up, and Away

March 29, 2022

Spring has sprung, and with it, comes a most exciting time. Lady Eleanor has her sights set on the air; film festival season is upon us, darlings. She has flights to book, planes to catch, and Cannes is on the other line. The flurry and anticipation that often come with travel are all a part of the routine. Eleanor uses this time to airplane-mode everything but herself and the little things that bring her joy on a long flight.

With her luggage awaiting her at her favorite hotel in the French Riviera and a stack of books in her private cabin, Eleanor is ready for take-off. An expert in all things holiday, she was curious to see how her directors and creative talent choose to spend their time among the clouds. One can never have too many podcast recommendations. 

Q: What in-flight movie or show are you watching?

  • Elias Ressegatti, Director: Whatever is new and I've not seen yet. I have a specific order I usually go in – 1. A movie I've been dying to see. 2. Some random foreign indie that looks intriguing. 3. A big blockbuster action movie, followed by a documentary or a random tv show. I almost always follow that formula.
  • Edson Oda, Director: Every movie I can.
  • Daniel Lundh, Director: HBO's Severance.
  • Milo Blake, Director: For a long flight – “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward” and for a short haul – “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night.”
  • Sophie Gold, Founder: Whenever I fly, I reach for a classic film.
  • Theodore Dudley, Creative Coordinator: Any indie film I missed while it was in theaters.
  • Tommy Jankowski, Executive Assistant: “Hot Fuzz.”
  • Dawit N.M., Director: The back of my eyelids.
  • Alice Waddington, Director: Jamie Loftus' "My Year in Mensa." I went to see her LA show and lost my utter mind.
  • Kathryn Ferentchak, Production Coordinator: “King Richard.”
  • Kelsey Taylor, Director: Indiana Jones Marathon!

Q: Any podcast you’ve been itching to get to?

  • Elias Ressegatti, Director: Behind the Bastards.
  • Edson Oda, Director: Any new episode of WTF or StarTalk.
  • Daniel Lundh, Director: The Truth.
  • Milo Blake, Director: I'm not a big podcast person but of late I've been listening to the Team Deakins interviews with various practitioners and artists of the film industry. It's a real well of knowledge to tap into.
  • Sophie Gold, Founder: My favorite podcasts are How I Built This With Guy Raz, Bankless, NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour, and The Tim Ferriss Show.
  • Theodore Dudley, Creative Coordinator: Trojan Horse. The theme song is a BANGER.
  • Tommy Jankowski, Executive Assistant: Get Played.
  • Dawit N.M., Director: Drink Champs.
  • Kathryn Ferentchak, Production Coordinator: This American Life.
  • Kelsey Taylor, Director: Hardcore History (but it's so hardcore).

Q: A book you’ve been waiting to sink your teeth into?

  • Elias Ressegatti, Director: The Dawn of Everything by David Graeber and David Wengrow.
  • Edson Oda, Director: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami.
  • Daniel Lundh, Director: The Great North Road by Paul Graham.
  • Milo Blake, Director: Re-reading One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez has been high on my list.
  • Sophie Gold, Founder: Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey and 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think by Brianna Wiest.
  • Theodore Dudley, Creative Coordinator: The Dark Forest by Cixin Liu and lots of screenplays.
  • Tommy Jankowski, Executive Assistant: Catch 22 by Joseph Heller.
  • Dawit N.M., Director: Black Rednecks and White Liberals by Thomas Sowell.
  • Alice Waddington, Director: House of Hunger by Alexis Henderson. I'm directing a 19th century vampire story for Amazon in Spain right now and it feels like it's the only vampire book my team's got left to read in the entire world (laughs).
  • Kathryn Ferentchak, Production Coordinator: Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace (someday I'll get to this).
  • Kelsey Taylor, Director: Walden by Henry David Thoreau.

Q: What can you absolutely not fly without?

  • Elias Ressegatti, Director: Noise cancelling headphones and carbonated drinks.
  • Edson Oda, Director: My toothbrush.
  • Daniel Lundh, Director: Noise cancellation headphones.
  • Milo Blake, Director: My books! Flying is the best time for me to work through the titles I want to read over the course of the year.
  • Sophie Gold, Founder: My headphones, a downloadable playlist, and a book.
  • Theodore Dudley, Creative Coordinator: Slip-on shoes.
  • Tommy Jankowski, Executive Assistant: My bluetooth headphones.
  • Dawit N.M., Director: A bottle of water!
  • Kathryn Ferentchak, Production Coordinator: Laptop aka life-top.
  • Kelsey Taylor, Director: A hat. Why is it so cold on planes??

Q: What album are you downloading before boarding?

  • Elias Ressegatti, Director: I usually listen to James Blake while flying, or Ajimal, and some Benjamin Britten, even.
  • Edson Oda, Director: Hot Fuss.
  • Daniel Lundh, Director: Alabursy by Daniel Norgren.
  • Milo Blake, Director: I love Brazilian music so Arthur Verocai's self titled album with its grand arrangements is a great partner for the adventure of travel.
  • Sophie Gold, Founder: Something by BANKS or Florence & The Machine.
  • Theodore Dudley, Creative Coordinator: Music from whatever country I'm visiting.
  • Tommy Jankowski, Executive Assistant: The Sunset Tree by The Mountain Goats.
  • Dawit N.M., Director: Love King (Deluxe) by The Dream.
  • Alice Waddington, Director: Mistki's Laurel Hell! Duh!!
  • Kathryn Ferentchak, Production Coordinator: I usually download an audiobook.

Q: The most important question of all: Window, Middle, or Aisle Seat? Choose wisely.

  • Elias Ressegatti, Director: Window, generally. I love to see the sky. The magic of flying will remain, well, magical to me.
  • Edson Oda, Director: Aisle seat. The freedom to go to the bathroom at any time is priceless.
  • Daniel Lundh, Director: Window, always.
  • Milo Blake, Director: Always window if I can. I make sure to spend twenty minutes of every flight taking in the majesty of seeing the world from this unique perspective.
  • Sophie Gold, Founder: It's always the window for me. I love watching as we take off and land.
  • Theodore Dudley, Creative Coordinator: Aisle, but I will lean over and record the take-off through the window, and you gotta be cool with that.
  • Tommy Jankowski, Executive Assistant: Window all the way baby!
  • Dawit N.M., Director: Aisle, but window is always fun until you have to use the restroom.
  • Alice Waddington, Director: Probably aisle seat. I do move around a lot (although, glad to say I don't tend to ballerina stretch my calves in the aisle).
  • Kathryn Ferentchak, Production Coordinator: Aisle, you animals.
  • Kelsey Taylor, Director: Window.

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