Eleanor is a progressive, innovative production company that celebrates talent and, true to its name, shines a light on visionary directors.

A Mother’s Love

“Let’s go with my mother because she still, all these years later, inspires me so much.” – Sophie Gold

Hänes is Back

“When you cradle your nethers, life is as light as a feather.”

Milo Blake is Signed to Eleanor’s Leading-Edge Roster

Technically-savvy and imaginatively bold, Milo’s inventiveness fantastically blends modern storytelling with bursts of hyperreality.

Up, Up, and Away

Currently on airplane mode, be right back.
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Edson Oda Joins Eleanor’s Eclectic Team

“I want to work with people who excite me and help them grow by making work that excites them.” – Sophie Gold, Founder & EP of Eleanor

Dawit and Edelman Empower Women to say “No”

Say No, Darling. It looks good on you.

By Her Desk

What we inherit from the people closest to us.

Lady Eleanor’s 2022 Industry Resolutions

Let’s talk diversity, my dears.

A Letter From Lady Eleanor

Reflecting on the fabulous, eventful year that was 2021.

Eleanor Adds Chris Muir to Her Trailblazing Roster of Directors

Lady Eleanor couldn’t end the year without adding a new creative to her eclectic team.
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