Eleanor is a progressive, innovative production company that celebrates talent and, true to its name, shines a light on visionary directors.

Lady Eleanor Speaks

“It’s about taste, darling.”

Eleanor continues to shine a light on unique talent by signing the imaginative Rohan Blair-Mangat

The importance of finding your creative beacon and using it to shine a light on others.

Knock, Knock. It’s an Avocado

After all, what’s one big boss to another?

Summer Sonder (Reading List)

Find yourself in a book or two.
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Art is a Feeling, not a Color

“As an outsider looking in, it’s painfully obvious that Black art is American art.”- Dawit N.M.

Braving the Brief

Some call it resilience – we like to call it art.

Eleanor signs comedy VFX surrealist Daniel Lundh

An ardent servant of story, Daniel Lundh’s work captures the surreality of everyday life, creating layered character-rich worlds that dance on the border between dreams and reality.

A Mother’s Love

“Let’s go with my mother because she still, all these years later, inspires me so much.” – Sophie Gold

Hänes is Back

“When you cradle your nethers, life is as light as a feather.”

Milo Blake is Signed to Eleanor’s Leading-Edge Roster

Technically-savvy and imaginatively bold, Milo’s inventiveness fantastically blends modern storytelling with bursts of hyperreality.
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