Eleanor is a progressive, innovative production company that celebrates talent and, true to its name, shines a light on visionary directors.

More than a production company, we are curators of taste, architects of emotion, and weavers of modern mythology. Our directors, handpicked for their discerning eye and intrepid storytelling, reshape the cinematic landscape–their visual poetry elevating brand messaging to contemporary epics.

On the A-List as The Ad Age 2024 Production Company to Watch, Eleanor has swiftly ascended to the zenith of advertising, turning industry heads with unwavering creative excellence and devotion to every project.

Our tastemaking influence traverses oceans, with offices in Santa Monica and Soho’s Golden Square.

Where taste reigns supreme, and directors become legends.
Where taste reigns supreme, and directors become legends.

Named after the Spirit of Ecstacy, Eleanor shines a brilliant light on directorial genius. Our global roster is the soul of our operation, a band of diverse storytellers united in their tireless quest for artistic expression.

Every project is a fervent love letter to the impeccable union of art and commerce. Imbuing each frame with rich detail and vivacious storytelling, our influence enchants the realms of commercials, music videos, branded content, documentaries, shorts, features, and television. Collaborations become like intense romances, where hearts beat in synchrony, minds intertwine, and the sparks of innovation ignite the very air we breathe.

The first and only Black and woman-owned production company in the US and UK, Eleanor’s foundation marked a turning point in advertising history. And dear, that momentous genesis was only the beginning.

To find our domain, travel past the boundaries of convention, above the confines of expectation, beyond the limits of the status quo. Orrrr, you could just head to our contact page.