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Behind the Viral Moms Answer Moms Campaign

Kelsey Taylor and agency Deutsch’s campaign for Walmart called today’s most iconic mums to answer viewers’ burning parenting queries–LIVE.

Director Ella Ezeike’s Creative Journey, Profound Portfolio, and Filmmaking Muses

Visual poet Ella Ezeike met Lady Eleanor fireside to discuss her creative journey, profound portfolio, and filmmaking muses. Escape the frigid April gloom and curl up with this enchanting exploration of the art of visual storytelling. 

Eleanor Ascends: A Dazzling Jewel on Ad Age’s 2024 A-List

It is an honor to be crowned The 2024 Ad Age Production Company to Watch. We rejoice in the esteemed…

A Martini and a Chat with Chris Chuky

Under the breezy London twilight, Lady Eleanor was able to sit for a martini and a chat with the newest…
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A Love Letter to Advertising

I’ve loved you since I laid eyes on you. You, band of visual poets who dare to tell their stories in the language of brand storytelling…

Eleanor’s Glam Bar at the British Arrows

Follow me, lovely, into Eleanor’s dreamscape of lusciously glossy curls and perfectly bold lips.

Jack Howard’s Creative Journey

A curiosity for the art and history of storytelling has shaped Jack’s creative journey. Studying literature and exploring the art…

Lady Eleanor’s Toast to the New Year

With the dawn of the new year, I, Lady Eleanor, have returned to raise a glass to the art of beginning anew.

Lady Eleanor’s 2023 Sign Off

It is I, Lady Eleanor, back to raise a glass to 2023 in my beloved annual send off.

Meet the imaginative voice of modern mythologies…

Director Anthony Leonardi III joins Eleanor’s global roster.
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