Eleanor Stories

Eleanor is a progressive, innovative production company that celebrates talent and, true to its name, shines a light on visionary directors.

A Martini and a Chat with Chris Chuky

Under the breezy London twilight, Lady Eleanor was able to sit for a martini and a chat with the newest…

Journey into Eleanor’s Creative Kingdom

Travel into a realm illuminated by creative brilliance, a wonderland of artistry painted in the luxurious glimmer of impeccable taste. Welcome to Eleanor’s Santa Monica abode. 

Her Relentless Pursuit

Remember why you’re doing it, love.

By Her Desk

What we inherit from the people closest to us.
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Sophie Gold recognized as one of Ad Age’s 2021 40 under 40 honorees

With over 10 years of experience as an EP, Sophie Gold is a lighthouse for creatives, supporting and empowering talent every step of the way.