By Her Desk

What we inherit from the people closest to us.

By Her Desk

February 02, 2022

“That’s why I keep this photo right in front of me on my desk; because she is my inspiration. I am who I am because of her.” - Sophie Gold

Photographs have the distinction of being both fleeting and timeless at once. Fleeting as they fade, while the dust, scratches, and coaster stains collect over the years. Timeless in the feelings they preserve, which come back to us, just as fresh as the moment we first felt them. As we grow, they can take on new meaning, clueing us into the person we were and how we became what we are. During a month when Black empowerment is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, Eleanor’s Founder and Executive producer Sophie Gold was inspired by an article The Guardian released featuring director Dawit N.M. Reminiscing over her past, Sophie sheds light on a photo she sees every day on her desk and remembers the woman who inspired her to build her own way in life.

“Believe it or not, some of my favorite memories from childhood were spent behind a desk, more specifically, my mom’s desk,” says Sophie. “She began her career as a nurse but ended up leaving the profession to co-run a carpentry company.”

“She ran the business, sales, and logistics side of things and I’d happily sit by her side for hours, listening to her talk with clients on the phone. In the photo, you can see the awe on my face.  Looking back, it was incredible watching a strong Black woman dominate her workspace while also doing what she needed to do for her family. Starting a company and a family at the same time can be challenging to say the least, but I know it’s possible because of my mom.”

Our parents provide us with our first definitions of adulthood. We observe how they live, speak, work, and imagine ourselves doing the same when we grow up. In the days spent in her mother’s office, Sophie saw the confidence and determination she ran her business with, and sought to live her life the same way. This Black History Month, let’s remember the excellence of the people that inspired us and the values they’ve passed on. Let us look inward and see the positive traits we gained from our role models, and discover our own attributes that we can pass on to the next generation.


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