Eleanor is a progressive, innovative production company that celebrates talent and, true to its name, shines a light on visionary directors.

Eleanor Ascends: A Dazzling Jewel on Ad Age’s 2024 A-List

It is an honor to be crowned The 2024 Ad Age Production Company to Watch. We rejoice in the esteemed…

A Love Letter to Advertising

I’ve loved you since I laid eyes on you. You, band of visual poets who dare to tell their stories in the language of brand storytelling…

Eleanor’s Glam Bar at the British Arrows

Follow me, lovely, into Eleanor’s dreamscape of lusciously glossy curls and perfectly bold lips.

Eleanor’s 2023 Collection: A Love Letter Written in Style

A tour through Eleanor’s recent line, inspired by Dark Academia’s union of scholarship and elegance, made for the refined, educated badasses who challenge the norm with timeless style.
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Lady Eleanor’s Guide to the Perfect Gift

Lady Eleanor unravels the art of gift giving, with present inspiration for your whole list.

Adventures Worth Embarking on this Venus Retrograde

Embrace the turn of the tide.

Her Relentless Pursuit

Remember why you’re doing it, love.

Lady Eleanor’s Yearly Send-Off

To continued success and opportunities.

‘Tis the Season

Sagittarius Sparks are in the Air.

Kelsey Taylor On The Art of Comedic Storytelling

“Sometimes all you can do is laugh at something.” – Kelsey Taylor
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