Lady Eleanor’s 2023 Sign Off

It is I, Lady Eleanor, back to raise a glass to 2023 in my beloved annual send off.

Lady Eleanor’s 2023 Sign Off

December 14, 2023

Dearest reader, 

As if wrapped in red satin ribbon, the frost-laced wonders of December offer us the opportunity to peer into the year’s Rolls Royce rear view mirror. Gather ‘round darlings. Together, let’s stroll down this year’s memory lane–a cobblestone path of lessons, triumphs, exploration, and innovation.

It is I, Lady Eleanor, back to raise a glass to 2023 in my beloved annual send off. 

And what a time to look back at the year’s journey, but in the heart of Sagittarius season, as my very own star sign ignites a spirit of reflection. 

2023 marked an era of grand expansion for Eleanor. We traversed oceans in 2023 with the inauguration of a London office, headquartered in Soho’s Golden Square. Our family welcomed luminaries like US Managing Director Dan Duffy, UK New Directors Rep Michael Grant, and UK Executive Producer Jack Howard. Our global roster sparkled with additions of cinematic badass Zornitsa Dimitrova, profound storyteller Benjamin Sonntag, and imaginative worldbuilder Anthony Leonardi III. Yes, darling, we’re not just growing; we’re practically collecting time zones. 

Our Founder and President divulged her talent-scouting tactics at the prestigious Ciclope Festival in Berlin. Her insights captivated the festival’s distinguished audience – some members perhaps secretly hoping she'd also share tips on how to snag the coveted Eleanor varsity jacket.

Our directors were trusted with product launches and historic rebrand efforts. Rohan Blair-Mangat’s red lit symphony for Apple Music Classical launched not just the new app, but also a revolutionary listening experience. Kacper Larski’s It’s Your Time campaign shifted narratives of American heroism, expanding notions of what it means to be a US Army Reserve hero. And, of course, Slurpee’s first rebrand in 57 years came from the vivid imagination of Adrian De Sa Garces. 

Eleanor captured the international zeitgeist by daring to break new creative ground. A romantic spirit of adventure blazed in Rohan Blair-Mangat’s viral, interactive “Choose Yours” spots for Hyundai. The heart melting warmth of reunion filled Kelsey Taylor’s “Alone in Tombstone,” Southwest airlines’ first branded film. Kacper Larski’s Not for Everyone campaign glimmered on the volumetric stage. 

Leafing through the D&AD 2023 Trend Report, spotlit themes of surrealist escapism, integrated brand recognition, augmented realities, and changemaking initiatives danced in unison with our year's cinematic portfolio.

Wunderman and Thompson dive deep into this year’s rampant escapism, welcoming us into the “The Age of Re-enchantment.” According to this report, “experiencing the unexpected and the surprising,” perhaps a swaggering squad of Cherry red grannies or a café transfigured under the writing of Issa Rae, “provides a profound uplift while jolting us out of the monotony of the everyday.”

In both his American Express spot and his Apple Music Classical film, Rohan Blair-Mangat’s work ran with the exploding trend that D&AD calls “ownable iconicity.” Positioning an Amex card as the narrative’s empowering source of inspiration and crafting a symphony hall glowing with iconic Apple store minimalism and red motifs, Rohan’s bespoke storyscapes are written in a visual language tailored to brand storytelling. 

The massive cinematic landscapes of Kacper Larski’s It’s Your Time answered 2023’s ethos of expansive filmic greatness–what Advertising Week called a “year of thinking bigger, bolder, better.”

“Creativity is an economic multiplier for clients,” said Jason Rosario in the Advertising Week 2023 Trends Report, “but diversity is the lifeblood that powers that creativity.” And this year, Eleanor continued to demonstrate the creative possibility unleashed by true diversity in commercial filmmaking. After 2022’s Super Bowl saw a sole Black director, President Sophie Gold shined a light on “17 Black Directors to Hire for Super Bowl 2024” in an influential AdAge article. Applauded online for championing Black talent on and behind the screen, “When Inspiration Hits” furthered Issa Rae’s Backing Change Initiative. Dawit N.M.’s powerful documentary for Comcast Rise spotlit BIPOC entrepreneurs overcoming the impact of the pandemic, centering their stories of passion and resilience. Intentional about representation within a portrait of environmentally sustainable luxury, “Choose Yours” centers a Black love story in the IONIC 5 and 6’s electrically-powered world of chic leisure. 

So, as we set our sights on the dazzling possibilities ahead, let’s raise a glass to the year–a year of discovery, expansion, transformation, and artistry. 

In anticipation of our continued odyssey, 

Lady Eleanor


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