Behind the Viral Moms Answer Moms Campaign

Kelsey Taylor and agency Deutsch’s campaign for Walmart called today’s most iconic mums to answer viewers’ burning parenting queries–LIVE.

Behind the Viral Moms Answer Moms Campaign

May 09, 2024

Is a hot pink nursery too hot?
Does your tiny fashionista wear zebra stripes with polka dots?
Perplexed by your adolescent’s unfamiliar lexicon?

In celebration of the digital community that unites the mothers of today, Deutsch and Walmart hired Kelsey Taylor to direct their Moms Answer Moms campaign.

Calling today’s most iconic moms to answer viewers’ burning parenting queries–LIVE, this campaign went viral on Tiktok and garnered attention on AdAge's Creator and Influencer Marketing channel. 


Cleverly responding to the TikTok trend of “MOM HACKS,’ this campaign cemented Walmart’s throne as a modern company.

What cinematic sorcery enabled this ambitious project to take the internet by storm? Let’s dive behind the scenes and find out…

The Moms Answer Moms Action Plan


First, Kelsey worked with the constellation of mom stars to craft an eye-catching promo announcing this enthralling virtual Q&A. 

Posted to Walmart’s Tiktok account, this promo video garnered 124.1 million views in its first 5 days. 


Then, the superteam of mamma bears stitched this promo with a handmade announcement of their own. Shot by these creators in their own homes, this call reaching out to moms everywhere added a genuine touch, creating videos with the laidback visual language completely native to the platform. 

Each of these lovely ladies spoke to their followers directly, excitedly celebrating the approaching Q&A. 


Over two shoot days, the celebrity mom-vengers replied to real moms’ commented inquiries. Even responding with a lightning turnaround, these celebrity moms brought a razor-sharp wit and glowing sincerity to each answer.

This digital Q&A's distinct visual language transported viewers to a stylish realm of parenting counsel. Responses were shot within a gorgeous midcentury modern ensemble of yellow, decorated with the staples of motherhood–a sleek crib, a scattering of toys, tiny chairs.


Oh, you presumed a three-part, six-star Tiktok extravaganza was the entirety of this undertaking? Think again.

Our intrepid mom-force returned to fill mums everywhere in on another round of brilliant parenting hacks in a stunning visual quilt of hilarious responses.

From tossed teddies to binky bling, the starring mums used props from the elegant Walmart yellow world to reinforce their witty responses.

A melodious xylophone chime and choral mom voiceover announced each Moms Answer Moms response segment. An upbeat anthem jived under each answer. 

Humorous supers popping with satisfying sound effects added an engaging texture and extra splash of comedy to each reply. 

At the end of each reply, Moms supply their biggest secret tip, the Walmart “Mother of All Savings Memberships".

A hilarious, uniting adventure, Moms Answer Moms invited mums everywhere to share in both the aid of helpful hacks and the bond created by the shared trials, tribulations, and joys of motherhood.