Lady Eleanor’s Toast to the New Year

With the dawn of the new year, I, Lady Eleanor, have returned to raise a glass to the art of beginning anew.

Lady Eleanor’s Toast to the New Year

January 02, 2024

With the dawn of the new year, I, Lady Eleanor, have returned to raise a glass to the art of beginning anew. In 2024, I plan to paint the year's waiting canvas with every imaginative hue.

Allow me to guide you through my vivid visions for a splendorous 2024. 

I. My New Year's Resolutions

In crafting resolutions, we’re contacting our future selves, asking not what we want to do but who we want to be…

In 2024, I encourage you to be fearlessly, radically yourself. 

Make memories. Cherish that quality time spent with friends, family, lovers…Dwell in the wonderful present. Drink in the adventures worth talking about…

Tell stories. Each one of us has a unique voice. Delight in that human, uniting, nearly magical chance to share personal narratives and listen to others’ experiences. We can learn so much from that simple connection. 

Be boldly original. The status quo is such a bore. Indulge in the eccentric and wonderfully unique. Move, in style, to the beat of your own drum. And create the unexpected, true art, whatever the hell you want. 

II. An Industry Prophecy

Our industry buzzes. There’s something in the air it seems – a newfound optimism. It’s not just the post-holiday restoration. Gears are turning. Imaginations are brewing. New possibilities glitter like the stirrings of sunrise. 

As the world transforms, so do audiences. Technology and creativity fruitful union will only continue to burgeon. New advertising frontiers across streaming platforms could be realized this very year. Who’s to say what AI means for 2024?

Here is a quartet of industry literature that’s been stirring my optimism: 

III. January Muses

To ensure we step into this new year on the right foot, let’s draw inspiration from powerful artistic voices. Our January muses are an amalgamation of literature, cinema, and music worth annual consumption. 

2024 Page Turners 

Showings for a NYE Movie Night

New Restaurants for a New Year

Exploration beckons in 2024. As we embark on the adventures ahead, let creativity be our map, craft be our compass, and storytelling be our north star.


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